Construction and canvas

The construction is mainly made of 4 rail aluminium profiles 88,5 mm x 150,5 mm. Feets, knees, tops and purlins are made of galvanized steel.

The canvas is made of 750 gram PVC. Colour as requested. We recommend that the roof is white due to lighting.

All canvases are mounted in channels which provide a minimum of maintenance. Tightening of the canvas is done with strong leather straps in knees and foots.

Our storage marquees fulfill DIN standards in force regarding windforce and windload.

Standard or custom made?

A storage marquee is as standard delivered with one closed gable and one gable with a sliding door which is 4 m wide and same height as legs. The storage marquee can be delivered with a 2-leaf sliding door covered with wood or steel plates. Furthermore – overhead door can be installed.

Accessories for storage marquees

As additional accessories ordinary doors, venting and lining can be installed. Lining avoid condensation from the roof. Storage marquees can be supplied with thermal insulation too.

Call or use the contact form to learn more about our storage marquees or to get a specific offer. We will do our very best to contact you the following working day.

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